• Collide

    Its an android game where you have red coins and blue coins. You need to get all the blue coins to the goal by tilting the phone without hitting the vortexes or red coins. You need to space the coins using the walls to ease their passage.I made this game in my free time.

    Android app on Google Play

  • Android Application

    Once installed, this app tracks the motion of the user and predicts whether he is walking, running, on an elevator, climbing a flight of stairs, etc. and classifies his activities based on how green/eco-friendly it is and updates his account. It also gives him a feedback using a live wallpaper which changes according to how green he/she is. This wallpaper is configurable and the users can include their own custom set of images and configuration files.I worked on the wallpaper and providing notifications to the user on tasks that he can do to improve his greenness depending on the time.I was one among the team that did this project.You can see the no of leaves on the tree and the color of the sky changing based on you activity.Below are a set of screenshots with custom images(images taken from google images to depict the actions).

  • Ant Bots

    Its a bot written in C++ that controls all ants in a maze with abilities to kill enemy ants and survive. I did this as part of AI Challenge held by University of Waterloo and sponsored by Google.
    My AI Challenge Profile:
    I got ranked 9th in India (Ranklist)
    Here is a replay using their visualizer.My bot name is jujojujo_2003

    function init() {
    var options = new Options();
    options.data_dir = ‘visualizer/data/’;
    options.interactive = true;
    options.embedded = false;
    var config = {};
    if (!options.interactive) {
    config.zoom = 1;
    var sizer = document.getElementById(“content”);
    var visualizer1 = new Visualizer(document.getElementById(‘visualizerDiv1’), options,700,710);