Resize EBS device on AWS

You cannot directly resize the EBS device like you do on a computer but its pretty simple.
1) Go to you EC2 Console and go to snapshots.
2) Create a snapshot of the EBS device that you want to expand. It will take some time.
3) Right click on that snapshot -> Create Volume -> Mention the Final size of your EBS volume
4) Now shutdown the EC2 Instance the old EBS volume is attached to . Detach the old EBS volume b going to EBS volume -> Select the old Volume -> detach
5) Now right click on the new volume and click attach and mention the mount point (If its a root EBS volume , then mention it as /dev/sda1)
6) If you have any elastic IPs associated with it , reattach it.
7) Start you instance.
You are now done !

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