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Finally I publish a game under my long-time un-used Google Market Account.It is a fun Puzzle game. You need to get the blue coins to the goal without hitting the vortexes or the red coins. You can kill the red coins by pushing them into the vortexes.Try not to use brute-force. Space out the coins using the bricks and things will get a lot simpler.

I did it using Andengine. It an undocumented engine but the forums more than make up for it. Its very active and has some helpful people too. The tutorials that you get by a google search are mostly outdated and uses older andengines which are no longer in use. The best resource to learn it is by looking at the examples and the forum. The flow is pretty easy to understand. After a lot of hours of debugging concurrency issues, forum reading , its done. More than programming the game designing the levels took a lot of time . I created a level designer based on python tkinter which is also included . Create a level and save it as the next consecutive number under assets/level/ and recompile and run it.

Here are some screenshots.






Here is the link to the code :

You need tkinter for python to run the level creator.

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